Picture Report of the Universal Temple at Nagpur

About the Universal Temple of Sri Ramakrishna at Nagpur

Belur Math Temple
The newly constructed temple of Bhagwan Sri Ramakrishna at Nagpur, comprises many facets of Belur Math Temple which was conceived by Swami Vivekananda and designed by his brother disciple Swami Vijnanananda. The temple of Nagpur also incorporates many local and regional idioms.

Nagpur Temple – Central Dome

Nagpur Temple – Central Dome
Like, Belur Math Temple , it has central dome like domes of churches constructed in Europe during renaissance period (e.g. Saint Peter’s Basilca at Rome); curved roof above prayer-hall resembles a Buddhist Chaitya, and arches resting between pillars in parikrama have a look of India serasemic (Mughal) architecture.
  • Apart from such blendings of Eastern and Western architectures, the new temple at Nagpur while retaining the features of a traditional Hindu Temple as per Agama shastras has also added local and regional touch to its features.
  • Images of many mythological Hindu Gods and Godesses have been placed at appropriate places. Niches in four square domes at four corners of the temple have images of four Maharashtrian saints like Sant Jnaneshwar, Sant Tukaram, and Ramdas Swami.
  • The interior and exterior of the temple is full of artifacts of high quality and taste. The new temple at Nagpur has been designed by renowned architect Shri G. V. Reddy of Hyderabad.

Some Special features of the Temple

Sant Jnaneshwar
Sant Tularam
Swami Ramadas
  1. Dome with symbols of major religions: As on the dome of old temple (constructed long back in 1934), Eastern side of the dome of the New temple has symbols of four major religions originated in the east (Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism), while its Western side has symbols of four established religions originated in the west of India ( i.e. Zoraostrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam). If dome of this temple is likened to a crown, these symbols are like priceless ornaments of jewels studded on it. Sri Ramakrishna Temple, thus, was and is perhaps the only temple where aforesaid symbols of religions were and are being given respectable position on its crown (i.e. dome).
  1. Eastern side of the Temple has a ramp for those senior citizens and invalids who cannot climb up the stairs.
  2. As Nagpur is extremely hot in summer, the temple has air-cooling system for the comfort of devotees.
  3. The temple has a shoe-stand and foot-washing place below grand front staircase.
  4. Dhyan-Mandir on the ground floor of the temple is replica of sanctum sanctorum of the old temple.

This beautiful monument, a fresh architectural flower, newly blossomed in the heart of India, effectively and beautifully blending various idioms of architect and expressing harmony of various religions can rightly be called a marvel. It is not merely a structure made of concrete and stones; rather it is a symphony and poetry of harmony of religions, of religious traditions and philosophies. It is a sincere effort to project universal massage of Sri Ramakrishna who is an embodiment of all religions of all ages.

Side view of Temple