What were the teachings of Swami Brahmananda?

His teachings

Practice a little Japa and meditation every day. Never stop for a single day. The mind is like a restless child, it wants to run away. You must bring it back again and again and apply it to the meditation on the Lord. Go on this way for two or three years, and then an inexpressible joy will fill your mind.

Can anything be achieved without spiritual discipline? Do you not see what severe disciplines even Avataras had to perform?

Be self-reliant. Effort is indispensable to success in spiritual life. Follow some discipline for at least four years. Then, if you don’t make any tangible progress, come back and slap my face.

Resign yourself utterly to the Lord. He is everything. There is nothing besides. Never be calculating. Is self-surrender possible in a day?

Work and worship must go hand in hand. It is very good if one can devote oneself solely to spiritual practices. But how many can do that? Two types of men can sit still without work. One is the idiot, who is too dull to be active. The other is the saint who has gone beyond all activity. Work is a means to the state of meditation. Instead of working for yourself, work for the Lord. Know that you are worshipping the Lord through your work.

I will declare again and again and emphasize this truth – that however busy you may be in carrying out your duties, you must practice Japa and meditation. If you work and forget God, egotism and pride will over-power you. Therefore I tell you, never forget God, no matter whether you are working or sitting idle. To maintain this attitude, you must keep your spiritual practices as well, whatever happens.

Compiled and Edited by Swami Gambhirananada
The Apostles of Sri Ramakrishna
Advaita Ashrama; Mayavati; June 199