Join us

Become a Volunteer

You can join us through voluntary services to the Math or Mission – by organizing of activities of as a volunteer – such as serving in the library, the dispensary, in the Vidyarthi Bhavan, etc.
You can also volunteer for serving in the Math – organizing festivals, serving in the Ashrama, etc.

Become an Initiated Devotee

Initiation in the Ramakrishna Mission is not a “membership” or a “rite of passage” to any group or cult. Initiation means choosing a path of sincere “sadhana” or spiritual struggle with the aim of realizing the eternal truths spoken about in our scriptures.
In the Ramakrishna Order, in India, the Revered President Swamiji and the Vice-President Swamijis, initiate devotees into Spiritual Life. However, there are other Senior monks abroad who initiate.
Interested spiritual aspirants are encouraged to read the booklet titled ‘Initiation’ (this book has been translated into various languages), by Swami Bhuteshananda, the 12th President of the Ramakrishna Order. This book is available in almost all the centres of Ramakrishna Order as well as on other online bookstores.
Those who are interested to be initiated by a Guru of Ramakrishna Order please contact MATH OFFICE, on 0712 242 3422 or 0712 243 2690

Become a Monk

You can join the grand monastic order set up by Swami Vivekananda, with the principles of “atmano moksharth, jagada hitayacha”. Feel free to contact any of the monks of the order, in Nagpur, or any other Centre of the Order